Dynasty of Lviv "Law". Prosecutors 2.0

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Prosecutorial and legal dynasties, often possessing all the wisdom of legislative craft, often use their position to obtain a variety of benefits. How about - apartments from the state. Moreover, the mechanisms by which this is done, in civilized countries, probably would be called criminal.

How to get an apartment

Here is the case of prosecutor Nazar Grytsiv's family. He works in the prosecutor's office of the region, which deals with the organization and management of the investigation of the territorial administration of the State Bureau of Investigation.

The prosecutor has powerful "shoulders" - that is, parents.

Mom - Vira Hrytsiv. She has been a judge since 2002. Before the liquidation of the Lviv Commercial Court of Appeal (2018) - worked here. Today, she is not yet assigned to the Western Commercial Court of Appeal - his "successor".

The prosecutor's sister, Halyna, worked in the Lviv District Administrative Court until 2016. Last position - Assistant to the Chief Justice.

The prosecutor's dad - Mykhailo Hrytsiv - "the most powerful player" - is a judge of the Court of Cassation in the Supreme Court.

(M. Hrytsiv - Foto - Fair. Filter Court)

The prosecutor's sister went to work as an assistant judge in the same court where her father wears mantle.

The family has an apartment in Lviv. Not small- 82 square meters. m. Accordingly, they were not on the housing records and did not need improvement of living conditions.

However, Judge Hrytsiv and three members of his family receive accommodation for employees in Kiev. And not just an apartment - 128.9 sq.m.

Three months later, the apartment was stripped of its status accommodation for employees, and the following year it was privatized.

What is a family here for - a diligent reader asks? After all, both Prosecutor Nazar Hrytsiv, his mother, the judge, and his sister - during these years - 2012 - 2014 did they constantly work in Lviv?

The answer is in the opinion of the Public Council of Integrity - concerning Judge Vera Hrytsiv.

It states that, despite the fact that three family members worked in Lviv, all of them became registered residents of Kyiv at the end of 2012.

"It is very likely that the reason for such registration is the artificial creation of the necessary conditions for obtaining a large accommodation for employees."

“Inaccurate data regarding the permanent residence of the judge and her family members were also provided during the privatization of this apartment. Thus, according to the certificate of the Subsidiary Darnitsa-1 № 56 dated 14.05.2014, all members of the family of the judge lived in the apartment. And according to the certificate of LKP “Pid Goloskom 410” №655 dated 28.04.2014, all family members who were registered in the city of Lviv on Chornovola avenue, left on 13.11.12 in Kyiv ”.

Therefore, the Public Integrity Council considered that "the fictitious registration in official housing in Kyiv clearly had the purpose of unjustifiably obtaining an apartment of a large area with its subsequent privatization to all members of the family who did not have any right to this official housing."

In response to this story, Judge Hrytsiv explained to the Civic Council the virtues that the privatization of that apartment in no way violated the rights of others.

However, in this case, the plaintiff addressed the District Administrative Court of Kiev. He indicated that he has been on the housing register since 1977. Their family - eight people - live in a 30.4 square meter apartment.

In a lawsuit regarding that the apartment was illegally obtained, the plaintiff stated that "the extraordinary provision of housing, in particular to a third party, automatically delays the date of receipt of housing by waiting persons."

Prosecutor Nazar Hrytsiv, who "left his place of residence" in Lviv, and according to his father's latest declaration of family ties - resides with him in Kiev - works at the Lviv Prosecutor's Office, department for organization and management of the State Investigation Bureau. Which, in fact, has to do with the fight against corruption and org - crime in the highest echelons of power.

How does he manage to return to Kiev every day and maintain a common farm with his father?

The famous court

The jurisdiction of the liquidated Lviv Commercial Court of Appeal - where Vera Hrytsiv worked - extended to five oblasts. Accordingly, it was an important and prestigious court.

It is no wonder, then, that a large number of prosecutors are involved with local justice officials.

For example, with Natalia Kravchuk, who is now the Deputy Chairman of the Western Commercial Court of Appeal.

(N. Kravchuk - Foto - The Western Commercial Court of Appeal )

Her son-in-law is Vladimir Chernevyy. Deputy Chief of the Sikhov Department of Local Prosecutor's Office # 1.

Or the Mikhalyuk's Dynasty. Judge Olena was dismissed in 2017. Worked for over twenty years. Most are in the same Lviv Commercial Court of Appeal.

Her husband, Vasyl Mykhaliuk, is a judge and secretary of the Criminal Court in the Lviv Court of Appeal.

Their son Roman Mikhalyuk managed to become the deputy prosecutor of the Sikhiv district. And later - the first deputy head of the Lviv local prosecutor's office # 3.

Of course, Roman Mikhaluk has a position that involves the participation in litigation.

And Olga Mykhalyuk, daughter-in-law of Judges Elena and Vasyl Mykhaliuk, became an assistant judge in the same Lviv Commercial Court of Appeal.

Good uncle

There are many cases of employment of relatives for work.

Here, the current head of Truskavets department of Drohobych local prosecutor's office Oleg Dzeryn.

In just over four years, the man became the head. His career path is illustrative.

Oleg Dzeryn came to the Drohobych prosecutor's office at the end of the 2014. And it took a little over four months - immediately became a prosecutor.

Not an assistant or specialist - just a prosecutor. Without, in fact, considerable experience in this field.

When Oleg Mykolayovych was taken to the Drohobych prosecutor's office for training, his father's brother, Vladimir Dzeryn, who later went to the prosecutor's office of the region, worked as a prosecutor there. And the prosecutor's father - Nikolai Dzeryn - is the head of one of the district courts in Vinnytsia.

*** In my letter requesting comment and a list of questions, Prosecutor Oleg Dzeryn sent the following response:

- In the letter stated, your subjective judgments and evaluative concepts regarding my activity, as well as my transfer to the Prosecutor's Office system, at the same time stated in it, do not relate to my professional activity, and therefore I refuse from providing any comment, - the prosecutor O.Derin wrote. ***

Expert position

Yuriy Tanasiychuk is a lawyer, public activist and human rights activist. He has been in court for more than 10 years:

- The position of judge, prosecutor or lawyer are opposing functions in the system of law and justice. They are mutually exclusive.

And when a judge or a prosecutor has some relationship, it is a violation of the parties' competitiveness. These are independent branches from each other. They should be. If the prosecutor is to prove the charges, then the judge is to hear and objectively examine the evidence of each of the parties. At the same time, maintaining a neutral status.

This is not to be confused with any other industry - for example, medicine. It is a completely different coordinate system. If the therapist's father is surgeon - in principle they do not overlap.

And in the case where they worked together, they worked to save the patient. And here they have no opposite functions. There is no competition between the parties.

As for law enforcement, each party has its own goal. The judge is the objectivity of the court, the prosecutor is the prosecution and the lawyer is the defense.

Therefore, the connection between the investigator, the prosecutor and the judge is extremely negative. Especially in cases that may have criminal penalties, - Yuriy Tanasiychuk argues.

Prosecutor on the BMW X3

Prosecutorial and legal dynasties, in addition to huge apartments, enjoy the luxury foreign cars of the elite class. And since it is required by law to file a declaration and indicate available property, the National Anti-Corruption Agency may be asking questions - and where did the expensive jeep come from?

Therefore, militiamen go on "other people's" cars.

There is such a Gorodok Local Prosecutor's Office. One of the elite in Lviv region.

Because it covers its activities, in particular Mostysky district. And here the border with Poland is customs, smuggling. And so on.

The first deputy head of this prosecutor's office is Maria Tormyshova.

(M. Tormyshova - Foto - Facebook)

This woman likes a luxury car - drives a BMW X3. 2015 release year.

Jeep - not cheaply.

Given that her husband already owns the AUDI Q5 - 2012, for more than 350 thousand, a good fleet is obtained.

But if reviewers from the National Anti-Corruption Agency want to ask any questions - the prosecutor can tell them - read the statement carefully. The jeep is not mine. So Neonila Poluluk gave me to take advantage of car.

She is 57. From the small town of Kamianets-Podilskyi. According to YouControl's analytics service, Neonila Poluluk has never been or is the owner or director of any business.

Of course, I found out who she was - but two more words about the prosecutor.

First of all, it should be said that Maria Tormyshova is a sister of Stryi City Court Judge Stepan Sas.

(archive photo of Stryi City District Court - S. Sas)

In addition, her husband, Arthur Tormyshov, worked for many years in the customs department at Mostyski, and now in the department of counteracting the customs offenses of the customs control department of the Lviv customs.

Against this background, a logical question arises as to whether the actions of the Gorodok Prosecutor's Office will be biased or in line with the required positions of the Mostysk customs officers?

For, besides the husband - the customs officer - the prosecutor, she does not drive a completely “ordinary” car.

After all, there is Michael Braslavets. He works in the customs clearance department # 5 of the Mostys'ka customs post.

His wife - Tatyana Braslavets - customs officer - at the post "Lviv — airport".

(Customs couple. Photo - Facebook - M. Braslavets)

Neonila Poluluk from Kamyanets-Podilskyi - according to my information, is the mother of Tatiana Braslavets.

That is, the first deputy prosecutor of the Gorodok Local Prosecutor's Office rides an elite jeep, "recorded" on the mother-in-law of a customs officer who works in an area under the jurisdiction of that prosecutor's office.

And that's not all. Another BMW X3 jeep was recorded on Neonilа Poluluk, who has never been in business. However, a little lower class - 2012. And daughter and son-in-law ride on it. Customs officers.

And so, in the end - a beautiful embroidered shirt on the customs officer Braslavets's photo. I wonder if it will fit the St. George ribbon, which he recently posted on Facebook, Mikhailo Viktorovich?

For the customs officer it is necessary to know that according to changes to the law, public use and demonstration of the "St. George's Ribbon" is punishable by a fine of 50-150 tax-free minimum incomes of citizens.

* The request for access to public information was sent to the employees of the prosecutor's office and the customs service mentioned in the investigation at the official addresses of the relevant departments of these state structures. In all cases, emails have been received that the requested information is not public.

Despite this, I again tried to obtain and submit the position of the mentioned persons. Therefore, similarly, a "request for comment" was sent with a list of questions. Responses came from the customs authorities that the data were not accepted for processing because they were not addressed to the management. An appeal to the press service did not give result.

Instead, from prosecutors no response to the request for comment was received. If, however, the answers to the questions are answered, they will be published in the following sections.

Taras Zozulinskyy, 14.08.2019

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